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Autism, not the one described by Kanner in 1943, but the one that we see today diagnosed in 1 of 50 kids is a combination of immune disorders that need to be treated bio medically. There is a lot that we still need to understand about why and how these immune dysfunctions affect our kids’ development, causing near complete impairment of their social interaction and communication.

There is a long, hard road ahead to fully comprehend the integrated system that comprises “autism,” but our kids cannot wait. It takes more than just medical, professional, or even scientific interests working hard day and night to find a suitable and effective solution to help our kids.

It takes drive, passion, and guts to do the right thing; to hear and read the overwhelming stories of parents from all over the world and not turn our backs, but help. It takes an eternal and extreme will to help, even when your own child is on the spectrum.

Dr Henry’s protocols have been indispensable to the full recovery of many of the kids world wide. His protocol represents a readily available and effective solution to alleviate most of the pathogenic insults to the immune system. Years from now, when “autism” diagnoses do not exist, when we find ourselves fully knowledgeable about the now mysterious immune-brain-behaviour connection, we would like to remember Dr Henry is one of the first courageous leaders that dared to change the path for our ill kids. He goes against all odds, sharing knowledge, experience and simply making it happens.

The development of his protocol has been a growing grass roots effort, in sharp contrast to how modern medicine usually works. The reason for this is clear: Modern medicine has not really helped to heal autism and may very well be part of its cause. While he doesn’t has any double blind studies to rest on, he does have a slew of anecdotal evidence, which may not mean much to those in the arena of modern medicine or modern science, that doesn’t make it any less real. Time and time again, our results—children dropping ATEC points (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) —are being duplicated by families all over the world. For a family who is using this protocol, there is absolutely nothing more real than watching their child comes back to them. Ask any autism parent what they would rather have... a long-term double-blind study published in a peer reviewed journal...or a healthy child. My money’s on the latter.

As exciting as it is to be a part of this, and as wonderful as it is to hear about gains and read uplifting testimonials, we know there are still families working to heal children that are very sick, and all share the highs as well as the lows. Dr Henry will tell you that some months are better than others and the gains ebb and flow. I urge you to read and reread the testimonials. These are real stories of real healing and if you haven’t already we invite you to believe that your child can be one of the success stories in those testimonial pages.

All of our families are proving what many were told was impossible: Children with the symptoms known as autism can heal! This grass roots movement is creating a paradigm shift in the way the world views healing from autism. This is real. And, this is a living protocol. Every family that uses it every single day is helping to shape the future and heal the children who are affected today, and quite possibly prevent children from becoming affected tomorrow. For this we all are eternally grateful.

We know from experience that an autism diagnosis is devastating on many levels. The initial regression of a neurotypically developing baby takes away eye contact, speech, and the emotional connection between parent and child. Then, when strange new behaviours such as flapping, squealing, rocking, spinning or even self-injurious behaviours appear, you know in your deepest mommy (or daddy)-gut that your child was not born like this. It seems to take forever to get the truth about what happened to your happy, healthy baby. It takes even longer and is more confusing when you have to figure out how to heal that sick child. Far too many “health” providers in the autism field are focused on making money so we can’t blindly trust anyone. We must do our own homework. The journey itself is a lot of trial and error coupled with misinformation.

Many supposed “autism experts” don’t know much about recovery, or the effective order of treatments and end up costing our children time and the parents money. The less time a child spends chronically ill, the easier and faster it is to recover them. Not to mention the child spends less of their lifetime suffering the physical, emotional and mental effects of autism. I feel that all parents who begin this protocol should expect a full recovery from autism because this protocol treats what causes this diagnosis.

His research indicates that every person with a diagnosis of regressive autism has virus, bacteria, candida, parasites, heavy metals (biofilm), inflammation and allergies. This protocol handles every one of these issues, and that’s why it has been so successful. Some recover faster than others. But, every day we are one step closer to the end of autism.

How do you know if the protocol is working and how long does it take to see results?
The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) is our measure. The ATEC is an online survey that evaluates the severity of a child on the spectrum. Many families notice changes from day one, while others take longer. You will get results when you correctly apply the interventions in this book in the proper order and without breaks.

What are the results you can expect from his protocol?
He would love to say that everyone who follows the protocol will get their child down to an ATEC of 10 or less—what we call a recovery—and he has more than 55 of those already. The majority of those we are in contact with report substantially significant improvements, even if they have not reached recovery yet.


My son with autism is 31 years old. Although he is fully verbal, he had a lot of issues: SIB, Aggression, he was not able to sleep. We have been trying different kinds of protocols since he was 3 years old. Unsuccessfully. I heard about Dr Henry’s protocol last September. We started right away. We were continuously in touch with him who kept giving us the faith, that even at that old age it is possible to heal and even recover. In September, when we started the protocol he had an ATEC of 87, 4 months later we measured 63, and now, after 8 mounts, he has an ATEC of 28. There are some SIB’s and aggression left, but it happens only rarely. If we could get rid of it, my son would be recovered. He became an interested young man, his memory improved. He keeps giving proper answers to my questions, something he never did before. I can see his real personality now: he became a nice, lovable, open-minded young man from a very sick raging, roaring, screaming, suffering boy. There are no words to say thank you to Dr Henry to show us the end of the tunnel. I think I’m on the best way to recover my 31-year-old son!

I am very grateful to you Dr Henry for your benevolent service of helping to recover kids with Autism like myself. You have really improved the quality of lives of many hopeless kids. I really feel the difference now that my ATEC score is a 1 and I am still making inroads in executive functioning and social skills. Without someone like you, we would have not known about your protocol and it would have taken several years to cure me solely with chelation. By that time, I would have been out of high school and probably in a community college taking rudimentary general education courses and would have had a bleak future ahead of me. But now, I am doing well in school and am taking college level courses. And I am not the only one in my family that has had benefitted from using your protocol. My brother used to have mild seizures in the form of head banging and most of that has now stopped. My father has used it because he contracted Lyme’s disease twice. And my grandparents have used it to treat Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Blood pressure and Hepatitis C. So again, I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done that has not only changed my life forever but has made a profound difference in the lives of others afflicted with Autism.

My seventeen-year-old son was a healthy happy baby until he received vaccinations at age three. The day after the vaccinations he began having horrible anxiety problems. Day by day he lost skills and regressed. He developed problems with fine and gross motor skills, and social skills, memory and sensory integration. He also had multiple learning disorders and struggled in school. He spent all of his time in his room by himself and he did not make eye contact. We tried many interventions to try and help him. Biomedical interventions, antibiotics, therapies homeopathy and Biofeedback all had limited benefits for my son. The only thing that helped him some was a gluten free, casein free, sugar free diet. While reading Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism we learned that most of the interventions we tried did not work because we were feeding the parasites that were causing my son’s autism with vitamins and supplements. We saw your website and ordered your protocol and gathered the products and my whole family started the protocol. To our amazement we saw improvements in my son overnight. We had taken the ATEC test for my son right before we started the protocol and it was a 43. In just one month of Dr Henry’s protocol my son’s ATEC dropped to a 5! We will continue with the protocol for the recommended time and we expect to see my son’s ATEC drop to zero before we finish. His social skills, motor skills, thinking, behaviour, attention span and stimming have all improved immensely. His sleep patterns, digestion, physical appearance and weight have also improved tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

FUA!!!! BIG moment... crazy morning, ughhh we miss the Bus I was so mad because my other daughter had preschool at 9:30 so my morning was a mess, I had to leave in Pj’s and make them eat breakfast in the car....but then in our way to school my son saw a School Bus passing by our side and said “school Bus is gone, L is sad” OMG OMG OMG......did he just said this 30 words sentence????? (actually 7 words but seems like 30 to me!!!) Ok...WAIT then I get to school not mad anymore, I walked with him still in shock, I couldn’t believe what I just heard....and when he saw the line of kids by the wall he point at them and said “my friends” OMG OMG OMG....ok WAIT....then we get there and he takes the teacher hands, gives me a kiss and said “bye mommy” OMG OMG OMG ....WAIT then the teacher ask him L, remember back pack by the wall, so he goes to the wall with his back pack in his back and does exactly what he was ask to do!!!! O M G …FUA...THAT’S RIGHT.... 223 days in this Protocol, searching poop, dosing, enemas, writing in his food diary every little thing he eats, therapies ABA, speech, occupational, hours hours of work, hard work...all just to witness this miracle of healing...to see him think, react, analyze a situation, be happy, spontaneous and smart by himself (no prompt or reinforcer necessary).... THANK YOU Dr Henry since the first day I did hear about you I have never stopped believing....I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! YES COMADREEEEE!!!!! I can feel it...we are close...it’s happening.... so happy I missed the Bus this morning...this is the best day in my son’s way to recovery so far!!!!! HOPE FOR ALL!!!!

My son is 23 and we have tried many, many approaches to heal him over the years. Typically we would see some initial progress, but then the rate would slow down and he would plateau again, slipping further and further behind. Lyme disease and co-infections, as well as various viral, fungal and metabolic issues complicated everything. We had to resort to psych meds, even, for his depression, anxiety and mood disregulation. We started the protocol in the summer of 2012, and had to cut the number of tablets again and again to something he could tolerate, since he has MTHFR genetic issues with detoxing, until he was at 1/64th of a drop per dose. By October 2012, he was at full dose and after two weeks, began to talk about learning to drive, to offer to do a chore at home, to draw again. So it has been about a year for us, and the improvements are continuing, his ATEC score went from 77 pre-meds to 11 now, and our lives are all much better thanks to Dr henry’s dedication to the cause of healing the children. Please, if you are reading this, don’t be afraid to try one more thing!

My son started Dr Henry’s protocol 10 months ago. At the time we started the protocol he was doing a home based therapy program for 60 hours a week. We did not send him to school because he was not able to handle all of the outside stimulus, unable to follow directions, and unable to communicate effectively. He stimmed most of his day and only spoke in 2-3 word sentences to get needs met only. When he started the protocol his ATEC was 57. It quickly dropped and the improvements were mind blowing. In 5 months time his ATEC was a 9. Today at 10 months after starting the protocol his ATEC is a FIVE!!!! He now attends school with out any kind of extra support and exceptions made for him. He is truly just one of the other children. I have been volunteering in his school and I have had 5 different office people tell me that he stops and greets them on his way to different specials (p.e, library, art, gardening). They told me he initiates the greetings and says: hello, good morning, buenas noches, and all with a big smile on his face. I have even been told by 2 of them that he greets them by name. Did I mention that he leaves the classroom on his own to go to specials??? Yep, my one time *severely autistic* child finds his name and places it in that specials category basket, leaves the classroom and goes to specials on his own???? When he is done with specials he goes back to his classroom and does his work. Holy CRaP!!!! A dream come true.
Thank You Dr Henry!!

I don’t know what to chalk it up to--we just finished our 3rd PP and did our 2nd shot of GcMAF on Saturday--but my 9 y/o son has started taking pictures with my iPhone. They are not just random shots; he is finding objects or angles and taking pictures. They are FASCINATING! He has also figured out how to use the reverse feature, and has taken a series of self-portraits, which he flips through and says to himself “Who’s that?”

My 16-year-old son is doing great on your protocol. ATEC down from 89 to 37. Best thing that ever happened after doing 8 years biomed with him.

We started your protocol with my precious 5 year old ‘O-ster’ in June 2013. Some of the completely new developments we have seen since we started....... He is aware of how to burp and toot, and thinks it is funny. He is apologizing for things he does wrong. Even a day later, he will remember and apologize. He goes to the bathroom on his own. He is completely potty trained, even at night. He does household chores happily. He sent people on my contact list emails that said ‘I love my mommy.’ He has better problem-solving, more motivation to draw pictures. If he gets messy, he just goes to the bathroom and washes his hands and wipes off his shirt by himself without saying anything. He dresses himself. He does somersaults (just a few months ago, it was impossible for him to even get in somersault position), can open baby gates, can get in crab walk position, can jump off of furniture with both feet. He greets us when we come home and is excited to see us. He MISSES us when we are gone and talks about it during the day. He’s making up 4 line rhymes. He cares what he wears and picks out his clothes! He is not running back and forth as much. We have normal trips to restaurants. I can leave our front door open now, and not worry that he will run away. He tries to help put our dog in his crate and fetches with him. He wants to come with me if I leave the house to go somewhere. He will now eat almost anything I put on his plate. He used to vomit at the mere thought of things like GF pasta or rice, and he wouldn’t allow any food on his plate to touch another type of food on his plate. He will now eat bowls full of tomato sauce, onions, burger, rice, garlic and peppers all mixed together. Our family can eat dinner together now. I no longer have to make separate meals. He even eats raw peppers! He yells ‘watch me!’ and does things like diving onto the bed or jumping off of something. He looks at cloud formations to see what pictures he sees in them. Last week he heard a toddler crying in Target. He wondered why the child was crying and wanted to go find her. He misses his little sister when she is not at home. He wants her to play with us when we are playing. He is completely aware of what is going on now. He is much more aware of danger. He notices the weather. There is a sense of calmness about him that he did not have before. His tantrums are much less severe and much less frequent. I was supposed to be his aide this year in preschool, but I have been able to just drop him off at school. There are many more new things that he is saying and thinking and doing. Our quick biomed history- He regressed after vaccines at 12 months. Starting at 18 months of age, he was gfcfsf for 1 year, then scd for almost 3 years. It feels like we have tried everything with supplements over the last 4 years. Somethings helped a little, but nothing really tackled his pathogen load, even though he was on an awesome diet. His ATEC was 66 in Dec 2010. Low dose chelation brought it down to 33 in 3 months. The ATEC stayed at 33 for 2.5 years. We did 112 rounds/weekends of low dose chelation during that time. ATEC June 2013 was 34 (before starting THE PROTOCOL), July 2013 was 30, October 2013 was 20! We are on our way down. This is the first time that I have physical proof that we are getting rid of the pathogens that have controlled and poisoned his body and brain for most of his life. It feels so good to finally help him. I thank God that we did hear about you from our friend.

Yesterday my son told me I worried too much, I said you worry too much Too Noah! He responded, my hair is red, yours is gray, so who is the worrier, hahaaa! The windshield wipers keep wiping away the autism, what’s staying around it seems, is completely lucid speech and unbelievable comebacks! He never could say things like that before, not at all, he really was in there somewhere.

Something really beautiful is going on in our household right now...Caleb is totally blossoming socially on every level. There is a calmness in his body. He is alert, responding to his name, sharing his toys with other kids, wanting to give affection without prompting, soothing Lilia when she is crying rather than batting at her. We even have gotten a few spontaneous silly phrases!!!! Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby!!! We are on our way!!!!!

We started the diet on the 1th of March, THE PROTOCOL on the following week. Adam started to ask questions in April. Since then he keeps asking continuously…His ATEC dropped down from 49 to 38.

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! My son is singing!!! He was ZERO verbal... I mean ZERO!! His shadow teacher told me a week ago that he started to mimic, I said to myself “yeah he was babbling and she thought he is mimicking!...” Yesterday she told me he started to sing and I said to myself, “Yeah right, she is absolutely illusionist or exaggerating!!!” She knew I will not believe her because he is just humming at home! So she sent me a video which was a shock for us. He is singing the song “A is for apple, a a apple... B is for ball, b b ball... C is for cat, c c cat... D is for dog, d d dog...” I don’t have enough words to thank you Dr Henry and this incredible protocol!!! Thank you for saving my child. Xoxo

My son is doing your protocol. We picked him up from preschool he was extremely happy. Hugs & kisses. Then...runs up to a classmate and touches his shoulder and says, “bye Johnny”, runs to another classmate and says, “bye Kevin.” Then he skips to the car. These improvements in his socialization is new. We are so pleased and I wanted to pass along these social gains with you all. His atec at start is 58

My little sweetpea is almost 4...and completely NON VERBAL...upon picking her up from therapy today, her teacher said she was having a great last few days... and both therapists said her eye-contact has been different...like in a really good way!!! I’ve also noticed her looking at me...straight into my eyes for what seems like forever...almost as if she has never seen me before?! They also said that she has been looking at them and has been opening her mouth trying to make sounds...as if she wants to say something very badly...but can’t...but with a lot of prompting...she did say “Hi!”...all I know is that somewhere in there is this amazing person waiting to be let out! I often worry if we are ever gonna make it...finances and healing your family can be very overwhelming...especially on one income. But for the love of my daughter we just cannot give up...feeling very hopeful and blessed today...and very grateful that something is finally working.

I wanted to write and thank you for discovering and sharing your protocol. This protocol has saved my almost 5-year-old son. My son suddenly started having absence seizures that would freeze his breath. From the day he had his first noticeable seizure, he was hospitalized every seven weeks for uncontrollable status epilepticas, a life threatening condition. They would pump him with seizure meds, Ativan, and Valium for hours before the seizures would finally stop. Since starting your protocol five months ago my son has not been hospitalized once. He went ten weeks seizure free. He had a few mild seizures that he brought himself out of without any extra medications. He currently broke this record and has made it another thirteen and a half weeks seizure free. I true miracle. Everything we searched for to treat his Lyme disease in the past would either cause seizures or not help to prevent them and I now know why. As you predicted after starting your protocols we discovered that he not only has Lyme, he is also incredibly loaded with parasites. So much so, that it scares me to think of what may have happened to him if we didn’t find you. I’m so amazed to watch him subtly emerge. Since we started, he went from saying about 20 words to saying 69 words, along with two and three word combinations, and over the past month he has begun to answer simple questions. His vestibular system has gotten much better; he’ll actually swing. He just started jumping off curbs. His eye contact is perfect. He’s gained two pounds in the past three months, something he hasn’t’ done since being diagnosed with failure to thrive at a year old. He is playing with his three year old sister; it’s so adorable to watch them chase each other around the house, hug, chase each other, hug, get in the dog crate together, hug, take turns pushing each other in their wagon, and kick the ball back and forth. Last night the three of us played catch together for over 10 minutes. I’m so happy for her to have her brother to play with. This protocol changed his life, my life, and our family’s life. There are no words to thank you enough for all your help along the way – he’s on his way… Love, Love, Love

Shay is doing so well it’s surreal. In the past week the balance has shifted so that he is now recovered more of the time than not. He is having a 2-4 hour blockevery day or two where he is back in his old state (weeping, raging, zero-toflipout, shrieking, obstinate, defiant, OCD, mean, potty-mouthed, etc.). The rest of the time he is lucid, has perfect mental clarity, is as funny as can be, does his math quickly, has perfect handwriting, gets along with his sister, is generous, expresses himself clearly, plays well, understands how others feel, etc. It is a mind blower Doctor.
Although Shay doesn’t have the awareness to know when he is in the autistic state, he is now clearly aware when he is in the recovered state. He comes up to me and says quietly, “Mom, it’s gone again. Do you think it will come back?” I tell him yes, that it will be like this for a while, coming and going, until one day it will be gone and it won’t come back. Shay and I have been discussing which “number” he is going to be in the line of children that recover. :) He is also planning a big “Goodbye Autism” party for himself. Bella is getting over her meltdowns much more quickly. Sometimes I say “no” to something and then flinch, waiting for the screaming, but it’s small, or sometimes she cries and gets over it within minutes. This is a big improvement for her. In her own words, she has noticed that she feels less anxious.

We started the protocol 9 months ago. My son had 2, 3 horrible days every month. He wouldn’t stop crying all day long, and he could not get any sleep at night. After talking to dr henry, we realized that these terrible days were always the days of the full moon. We saw improvement straight after the first PP. After 6 months, all of the bad behaviors were gone. I realized that the PP helped my child to improve month by month. And to prove that it is not only me who can see the changes, my son’s therapist from school told me the other day: “Well, when is full moon again? So that you would start the Mebendazol? I love when he gets it, he is doing so well with it”. Staring atec in February was 50, now his atec is 34. Thank you so much, dr henry!

We are celebrating 3 months on the protocol and 2 PP’s done! Our little angel has (or I should say had) extreme ADHD...we are not seeing much of that anymore. Our life altering issue is her lungs. This child has undergone over 35 surgeries in 8 years. 17 of those to surgically remove mucous from her lungs. She is hospitalized every 6 weeks with pneumonia. We have O2 in our home. She even had a port placed for IV meds at home. Our life has revolved around illness. In 8 years the docs have done every test in the book to figure out the cause. We’ve turned up nothing. In July, we flew to NYC to see a medical mystery doctor. He told us it’s all nutritional and had us do some parasite testing. The testing turned up zilch, but thanks to Jean Marie, we ended up here. Long story short, we are making huge strides. We are not there yet, but to give you an idea, normally her pneumonias take 4 months to clear, this time it was only one month! She’s only needed one antibiotic in 3 months, normally it’s 8 antibiotics in 3 months. She’s doing better in school too, which is just a bonus. Today she came home and told me she was able to run in gym, something she hasn’t done for years! Thank you Dr Henry and all the mods for welcoming us to this group and for helping us to take back this child’s life. Bless it! Bless you!

I observed my kiddos at school today. Get this........my once severely autistic 6 year old choose and received a Spanish lesson that lasted 27.5 minutes ( I timed it). The whole lesson he was sitting on his bottom, following instructions, answer questions correctly (in Spanish), smiling, great eye contact, and really enjoying his time with the Spanish teacher. FUA to the max! This time last year Henry was speaking in 1-2 word sentences to get needs met. Now he is talking in complete sentences in English and Spanish!!!!!!!

In the past, if I gave Nate a hug and told him I loved him, he would sort of hug me back, awkwardly jutting his backside out (to reduce physical contact) and patting me on the back and saying, “I love you, too.” He would then escape as soon as possible. After a few days of being on 7 drops (last week) Nate approached me with full eye contact, threw his arms around me, gave me a prolonged bear hug and spontaneously said, “I love you, Mom”. I hugged him back and we stood there, just enjoying the moment, while I quietly balled my eyes out. Thirteen years. I had waited 13 years for that moment. And now he has been doing it almost every day since that first hug. This alone is the world.

There’s a lot of people jumping on the “Thankfulness Train” this time of year. Here’s my contribution. There’s only one major thing I can think of this year that I am thankful for. Of course, there’s so much to be thankful for, but one thing that really stands out. That would be this protocol. God led us to see Dr Henry at Autism One this year. I only went because it was basically the one thing I didn’t know much about. The day before he presented, I saw my friend Laura at Karaoke Night (so fun by the way!). She told me she was doing this protocol and I’m pretty sure I looked at her like she was crazy! Saw Dr Henry the next day and I was hooked. We started the protocol June 3rd. Laura got me in this group. Thank you Laura, for your patience with me and for letting me know about this group! Thank you, Debbie who has talked to me many times about the protocol, about my son’s aggression, reassuring me that things will get better and they have! Much, much better. We still have further to go, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. My four kids and myself are doing the protocol. We all have Lyme. We are all feeling so much better. We are no longer spending thousands of dollars a month on empty treatments. We are getting our lives back; our finances under control, and my son with autism went from an ATEC of 47 to 20 in three months. Thank you and love you all. And to Dr Henry, there are no words. Thanks and love isn’t enough. You can be assured of my prayers for you, Patrick and your family for life. That’s the least I can do for all you have done for all of us. Small progress this week! My son had his ABA therapy yesterday and at the end the therapist gives him a “high five” before he leaves. The therapist asked my 3-year-old normally non-verbal son for a “high five”. My son looked at him, gave him a high five and said “HIGH FIVE!” plain as day. My husband almost fell over sideways in shock! He also put his toys away without being asked to, and that too is a big change. Your protocol is the best!”

We have been on the protocol since Aug 30th of this year 2015. We’ve done one PP.
My DS is 8 with severe apraxia and autistic.
ATEC: 4/2015: 62 starting some biomed
ATEC: 8/15/2015: 51 before your protocol
ATEC: 10/6/15: 24
Some WOW moments for us so far: ** Playing soccer with other kids at school three weeks after the start of the protocol.
*Really “on” in conversations...adding information when we didn’t think he was listening because he was playing on his iPad.
** Talking about other things in his day besides Minecraft or Plants Vs Zombies.
** Going from a battle with homework that would last over three hours to picking him up at daycare with his homework already finished. And correct. That he did on his own.
** His ST saying he is able to follow three step directions better and was able to talk/ask Who and What questions for nearly the entire hour...I actually had to tell the ST what we are doing because it was obvious to her it was more than just diet. He’s just happier. We’re all just happier.

Well...we too did an ATEC! Our son was 11.5 when we started the THE Protocol
July 2015 First fully loaded (All PP meds on board) was November 2015
VERY First ATEC: Jan. 2006= 124
ATEC in July 2015: 64
ATEC August 2015: 52
ATEC Oct. 2015: 48
ATEC Dec. 2015: 45
ATEC May 2015: 40
ATEC August 2015: 39
ATEC NOV. 2015: 33
I actually did one myself as I have done throughout all the previous, but I had hubby do one and combined and divided by the 2! Resulting in the 33! Oddly, it’s the “SPEECH” that remains consistently around 14 & 15 throughout ALL of these! All the others continue to go down! We’ve had some ups and downs, but with continued evacuation of some MIGHTY big worms...we continue to see major gains!
This is the ONLY Protocol that has EVER given us the progress we’ve seen in one year’s time let alone in 6 months! Thank you Dr Henry for being such pioneers in this journey to recovery! You are SOOO loved and appreciated beyond words! Thank you for never giving up! Thank you for giving so much, and bringing healing to our son! He’s come a long way, but we have a ways to go! But with the progress he’s making...I honestly feel it will seem like nothing from where we’ve come!

We had a great day today. For the first time, he joined me in throwing something at a target (blocks at carpet circles). He laughed and smiled and pulled me to play with him better than he has in weeks. I heard a lot more sounds and approximations today. When I couldn’t figure out what he was saying, he kept trying until I did. My favorite part of the day, and I know this is odd, was when his head collided with my mouth. I exclaimed in pain and he was clearly worried/empathetic. He kept trying to get close to see my lip and giving me kisses. I’ve seen him concerned before but never that clearly empathetic.

Just wanted to share that on 21/8/15 my sons ATEC was 46, just redid because we’re at the start of our first pp & his score has come down to 31! The big improvement came after introducing the protocol enemas 3 weeks ago. Although he’s been on oral protocol form for about 2 months, it was always the case that if I missed a dose within 1/2 hour he’d be sensory, inflexible, super-anxious, shouting, aggressive etc & I’d have to syringe it down him but within 10mins of dosing the lightswitch would flick on & he’d be in control & a calm, loving boy again. Since the 3 enemas I gave him 3 weeks ago (only 3 because then his brother had one, panicked, screamed & totally freaked out my 4yr old who up til then had said he liked them bc they made him feel good afterwards) his personality has been shining through again, there’s less panick/anxiety, less sensory issues & there’s no ‘reaction’ if I miss a dose or more of the protocol. I’ve seen more improvements this week, on Monday he decided to sit down & colour & proceeded to colour neatly, inside the lines - he was so pleased with himself! (He used to colour so neatly but about 6 months ago his colouring became scribbly & he frustrated that he couldn’t do it neat anymore). Then tonight, when I asked him to hop out of the bath, HE DID! He stood up, stepped out & as I handed him a towel he took it & said ‘thank you mummy’ and wrapped himself in it & walked out - all completely relaxed - like it was usual!!! WWWOOAHAHH! Yes! He has never done this, it’s always tantrums, always arguing, needs to bathe longer, has to be made to get out, refuses to step out, has to be lifted, needs me or hubby to wrap & dress him, & usually all while panicking, crying, demanding, arguing or screaming because it’s cold, different, he doesn’t want to, it’s not right etc. I just can’t believe what happened tonight! I’m still astounded. It’s like the Finaly we ‘know’ isn’t Finaly & now we’re beginning to see who he really is! So I’m REALLY excited about our 1st pp. We’re already seeing full moon behaviours & although tough it’s been great to see them because it’s a reminder of what Finlay was like every day until 3 weeks ago! He’s already healing. It’s soooo exciting! Thank you Dr Henry - may God bless you & all the children on this protocol. Healing, here we come!

We’ve been playing the “healing game” with my son for some time, (7 years 11 months old) but we’ve never really healed anything. To be honest we’ve never known what we were up against...until now. Like everyone here, my child is very sick. He doesn’t grow, he has maldigestion and malabsorption issues and he’s chronically constipated. His history of constipation is long and extensive. ANYTHING that disrupted his gut flora would result in this extreme constipation; whether it was a cold, a new food, treating the GI. To say he has leaky gut is a tremendous understatement. So, when we started Dr Henry’s protocol 6/15 my biggest health markers for initial healing were growth and for him to poop daily on his own. With his history being what it is I wasn’t surprised to see he was instantly constipated. How could he not be? We are killing pathogens and parasites like gang busters. We started enemas on day two and have done them daily. But, an amazing thing is happening! He is healing. He has grown two inches in these last three months and he starting to poop on his own. BTW, these aren’t just lame little poops they are total TROPHY poops. They are soft, formed, have no undigested food and there is lots (I’d show you a picture but we barely know each other) Yep... It’s taken 3.5 months to get here, but his little; fragile and damaged body is doing what it is supposed to do. Trust the process... It’s not easy; it’s not always fast. There will be ups and downs.
But, my gosh, watching the body heal is an extraordinary thing. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

Hi Dr Henry, I started my son on the protocol last night. I’m taking it with him. Well, I for one, feel fabulous. My lungs are clearing up, the low-level depression I felt is evaporating. Wow!!! I’ve noticed some subtle changes in my son. He is more “with us” in the world and not looking out the window at cars quite as much. Also, a little less flapping his hands. He and I have been doing a ketogenic version of the GAPS diet (no sweet vegetables, no dairy, no sweeteners) since January of 2015, and I think that’s why we’ve been so successful with the protocol! :)
I am hoping that Sulfur is Ok to still give him. We used to cut it with Kombucha, but that is now a no-no. Thanks and Huzzah!


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