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Cancer Testimonies. (May 2015)

Bladder cancer

A friend of mine went to the emergency room because he was urinating blood. After that, doctors found out that he had a bladder cancer. He was sent home. Then doctors wanted to start chemotherapy, but he did not have insurance, so it took time to go back to the doctor. I recommended him to start Dr Henrys cancer protocol and he started to take it every day during 4 weeks. Then he stopped because he started to have a diarrea and vomiting and he had enough of it. During that time he was qualified for insurance. He went back to his doctor to get chemotherapy, but before the chemotherapy doctor went inside his bladder to check the size of the cancer . They were very surprised when they find out that there was no cancer. My friend can not believe it that the cancer disappeared.

Prostate cancer
"I was told that I had prostate cancer and that my P.S.A. reading was 16 where the normal reading is between zero and four, after just 6 weeks of Dr Henrys protocol my P.S.A. reading had gone down and my doctor was amazed at the improvement.

Other benefits of his protocol are Hair and Nail growth, also my little injuries seemed to heal much quicker than normal.

I would recommend you give Dr Henry a try."
Denia from Spain

Prestage skinn cancer

Diagnose and Treatment from a Dermatologist:

Quiste milium, seborrhoic Eczema, actinic Keratoderma.
Light Keratoderma in Face and back of the hand
Light scaling bump / squamous cell carcinoma (pre-stage skin cancer)

"After I have been in treatment with my longtime family doctor and internist after summer 2009 due to the strong itching Stains-appearances on my left upper-cheek of my face, i have consulted a local Dermatologist who made the diagnosis of Seborrhoic Eczema (actinic Keratoderma). The dermatologist started to treat me with “Diprogenta” which after approximatly four weeks did not show any effect. Furthermore he prescribed a so called “Aldara crema 5% env. Con 12 sobres”. The Effect was slightly helpful as the itching decreased, but the area of the eczema / actinic Keratoderma was getting bigger and in Spring 2010 had a area of a 10 cent Euro Coin with a elevation of about 1.5 millimeters.

The Dermatologist explained that in the case of a unefficient help through the prescribed Medications, a operation must be carried through unconditionally as it would be about Pre-stage skin cancer.

In summer 2010 i got to know about dr henry. In autumn 2010 I have been studying the application all about this Mineral substance so far, that I started with his treatment protocol myself on that area of skin during 6 weeks.
The seborrhoic Eczema got smaller and more plain and has since than untill today October 2012 disappeared!"
J. Laube

Prostate cancer
I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. After about two years of moderate pain, urinating often, vomiting, pain and weight loss, etc I finally consented to see a doctor.

The doctor told me he could help me live for five years with treatment. He listed several methods of treatment including radiation, chemo, seeding, etc which I refused at that time. He wanted more time to see what other options were available. The doctor then explained the only thing he had left to offer was "hormone therapy" to keep the cells from growing. We could take the one month, three month or six month shot, which would not cure cancer but would put it in remission for that period of time. Since we were two months from going back the country for five months we decided the six month shot would be better and would give us time to decide what else we could be doing.

Much later we found that there is a prescription used by women to help with their sex problems called "Premarin" and it's made from "natural ingredients" which is nothing but mare's pee. That is also what these shots are made of that the doctor gave to me. The doctor told me that I would experience some hot flashes something like women do during menopause, for a few weeks, and that they would gradually fade away. Well, it's been almost two years (20 months) and I still have them every day, and especially during the night.

In spite of all that I am still (age 74) going strong, thank you God, I no longer has prostate pain, constant urination, vomiting, or weight loss. I am back up from 62 kg to 68 kg. Since we have been back here in the city I have been working hard every day on problem rentals and my own place. The only health problems I have now is working too hard. Along with the hot flashes, I have muscle spasms and leg cramps at night (from working into the night).

Some have asked how or what I did when I was taking Dr Henrys products prior to my healing. The answer to that is: First I checked the information about dr henry and his protocol for to see what part I would need to use for my problems. There are so many different needs and diseases and different more effective ways to treat each one.

Once I determined what I needed to do, I got on the internet and ordered his protocol. I started to take his protocol every day, every hour, eight times a day, for two months. Once I discovered it was working I kept at it very aggressively until I was sure I was healed. It's hard to believe but I was healed for under $5000. Just think how much it would have cost if I had gone the other way, and even then may never got completely well!

Anyone who starts on this regiment needs to make up their mind to be consistent and stick with it till you get results. I keep spreading the good news to anyone interested in dr henrys protocol that heals cancers, and so many other health problems. Almost everyone knows someone who knows someone that would benefit from using dr henrys protocol. Help us spread the news; you may save a life. I strongly believe that if I knew then what I know now our daughter, Sheila, who died with breast cancer, would still be alive today. She tried everything she knew, even to going to the cancer center in California. She wound up suffering through radiation and chemo, which did her more harm than good. That is one reason I said no to all those options offered to me.

Vagina cancer
Hi Dr Henry, a few years ago, my girlfriend started taking your products and protocol. She has various problems. In the meantime,(after being on protocol for a week or two) she had intercourse and it was very painful...that was after a few years of no sex. She had had a hysterectomy about ten years before that. So...she went to the obgyn and had a pap smear. It came back with advanced cancer in her vagina. they had done a biopsy also. the HPV virus! Her Doctor wanted her to have a vaginectomy!!! never heard of that...they were going to cut out her vagina and sew it up! Of course she didn't want to do that...they scared her plenty...said the cancer was almost through the wall of her vagina and she would die if not done right away. Anyway, she decided to start douching with the dr henrys products and also taking it orally. After a week or two of that, plus some teas and other herbal stuff, she asked to have another pap test...her dr said no...she still needed the procedure. My friend hiked all over town to find a dr who would do another pap.(since she was in the system, they would say 'you need to do what her dr. so-and-so had told her to do') She finally found one to do it, and the test came back with a mild case. She asked her dr. to give her another biopsy...she said no! Finally she agreed to do the biopsy again. well, my friend got a phone call from the receptionist at dr office...saying the biopsy came back and she was cancer free!!! Her Dr. didn't have the guts to call her herself. I suspect that when she started dr henrys protocol, the virus was in remission and after the week or two of the protocol, it started coming out in full force at the time of her pap test. It needed to come out before it went away. So I hope this info helps in your journey to health. Many blessings.

Throat cancer

Edema-Burn-Diabetes-Throat Cancer

I brought my friend with Diabetes over and treated him every hour for 5 or 6 hours because his blood sugar was close to 500. Treating him brought his blood sugar down to 91 in those short hours. FACT!
I had a bad case of Edema on my legs and thought I had a blood clot. I treated myself with Dr Henrys products and within a few days - my legs were back to normal. No pitting, swelling, etc.
I treated another person with 3rd degree burns on his leg from a dirt bike burn on top of another burn. Within a few days, it was completely scabbed over and healed a month ahead of time.
Treating a guy with throat cancer. His blood count is back up, gained a little weight, and his doctor said whatever he is doing to keep doing it because it is working.
Thanks Dr Henry! You ROCK!!!
UPDATE: The guy with throat cancer contacted me today in the office and he has been completely cured of his throat cancer. I'm so excited for him and the fact that it just makes people better. It is unbelievable what Dr Henrys simple solution has done to so many people that has been treated. If I could give you the world dr henry, I certainly would. It makes a person feel very good to do something amazing like this for someone else.

Miracle !!!

started using Dr Henrys products and his protocol this year personally (health maintenance, etc)

Have cured 3 dogs (all terminal), first had lymphoma was hours away from death, 1 drop of Anpathadon revived her ( a miracle), second dog had lung cancer, cured her.... third dog had liver failure.... cured her...
also recommended Dr Henrys products to a friend with fibromyalgia, he was disabled, no longer... he is now better and healthy

Thank God for Dr Henry

Prostate cancer

Hello, I am a 72 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer last Aug,2012 by biopsy in Asia. Dr there wanted to remove the prostate, I declined. When I returned to home in Europe Dr. here wanted to start radiation treatment which I again declined, planning to do herbal treatment and to spend winter in another part of Europe. Dr said okay we can wait and see ( watchful waiting). My Psa level was 10.2 in Aug, I had it rechecked in Oct. it was 9.8 It seemed to be going in the right direction with herbs. Dr in Asia prescribed Proscar and Dr in Europe prescribed Flomax which I took until January 2013.
I contacted a Dr in Europe who wanted the slides from Asia. When I got them and took them to him he said they were not good enough to determine if i in fact had Prostate Cancer. I submitted to another biopsy,(not fun) results came back still cancer there altho on the Gerson scale it had dropped from total of 6 to 5. He wanted to remove prostate I again said not yet I want to do some herbal things to try and defeat the cancer. He said okay it is your life but it won't help, but he agreed to watchful waiting again. I was informed about Dr Henrys products in January and had some difficulty finding a source. I began his protocol with every hour 10 time per day during one week, I had not experienced any problem. Next week I increased the protocol. In very short time I could not get to bathroom fast enough, I upchucked everything I had eaten and had diahrea. I had to drop back to the first protocol for to keep from having diarrea. When the diahrea stopped I began to increase again.
I continued the treatment for full 6 weeks, after returning home from 2 weeks holidays I had blood drawn and sent to lab for analysis and it came back normal ( cancer free). I have had PSA test done in July 2013 and it was 8.4 which is going in right direction. I have much better urine flow than before and less night time trips to bathroom. After I had been on the protocol for two weeks I dropped off the Flomax and have not had a return of difficulty in urinating.
I had also been of HBP medication for about 16 years to control blood pressure. I have been off this medication for over two month and pressure is normal ( 120/62 pulse 64. I am currently on no prescription medication and feel as long as I have Dr Henrys products I will no longer be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs.
I cannot thank my son, God and Dr Henry enough for making me aware of the availability of his products and protocol. If you have health issues you owe it to yourself to try Dr Henrys products according to recommended protocols.

Endometrial cancer

Hi. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer which had infiltrated the muscle of my uterus. The infiltration was the scariest part because once the cancer does this, is when and how it spreads. I hit the internet to do my own research because I definitely didn't believe in the medical model regarding cancer. I found some very interesting information about aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and viruses and about Oxygen. And then I found Dr Henry. About a month later I had surgery where there removed my uterus, and other reproductive structures.
I don't have a crystal ball about what happened in my body after I took Dr henrys products for two weeks, but I'm still here today. One thing that was visibly apparent was that for about fifteen years I'd had a wart on the palm of my right hand. And after his products, it had disappeared. Do I credit his products for curing me of cancer? The jury is still out, but now I have a wart on my foot, and I'm ordering more of his products because I think this wart is a warning. And I feel way better about trying his products than chemotherapy in my future.

Lung cancer

I have my own testimony for the treatment of lung cancer. I have my own medical diagnosis "Inter DiaCor". Having problems with sweating, dry cough, fatigue, nervousness, severe pain in the middle of the back, hard to sleep and pain when lying on the left side. I decided to do a complete analysis of the organism. I found a great contamination of bacteria and viruses in each lung, but really on the left. Also was weak and small alveolar gas exchange. Urgent I started using Dr Henrys products and his protocol. After 15 days of treatment the result was 50% less microorganism, still I spent his products. I've done the treatment for 30 days and the result was 100% clean lungs. I continued to take the products for 20 days due to parasites in the cerebral cortex, the brain, and by the end I was able to repair all the problems in 52 days. Initially, the viral load was 86.1%, and finally 4.6%. I have all the images of such evidence for other people or seminars. Health resort I have other patients with bone cancer, severe toxemia, depression and the like. The success was great for 30 days. This is truly amazing!

Prostate cancer cured in 3 months

About ten months ago I was diagnosed with Gleason scale 7 Prostate Cancer. This is a fast growing number. My PSA number was 11.6. I was told if I didn't take drastic action I had, at the most, five years to live. I decided not to make a decision at that time but did take a 6 month harmon therapy shot. I found Dr Henry on the internet a month later.
I am now cancer free and my PSA is down to 1,2 . My family and friends were so impressed. One doctor told me, after it had already worked, that it would never work.
I thank God He sent us to Dr Henry!! Thank you all, and Dr Henry, for dedicating your life and talent for healing so many dying people.

UPDATE ON MY LATEST VISIT TO DOCTORS (6/3/2014) My last checkup to the doctor who had given me the biopsy for prostate cancer in Oct. of 2013 which showed I did have prostate cancer, and that my Gleason test showed I was seven in the growing stage of from 1 to 10. The only way to find out what the numbers are for this test would be another biopsy. Even the doctor admitted that could be very damaging and unnecessary. After discovering Dr Henry, within two months I was totally healed of any previous symptoms of cancer. I have visited two cancer treating doctors, twice in Europe; neither can find any trace of prostate cancer. My first P.S.A. test was ten point six, now it is down to one point eight. However, I have not gone through this without suffering, at the hands of his practicing physicians. You may want to browse around in some of the other studies and/or the 18 chapters of “Novel” about the life of Yeshua (Jesus).

Skin cancer

My friend had a mole on her leg that kept scabbing, the doctor thought it might be cancer so cut a huge chunk off her leg out to remove it, which was painful and unsightly. I realised I had a similar mole so thought I would try Dr henrys products. I also had a 'suspicious' tiny raised lump on my cheek which my doctor was ' keeping an eye on'. Having taken Dr Henrys products for various complaints for about 5 years, and never having an illness because of it. I also put it on a sunspot I was about to get lasered off. To my surprise within a day the sunspot had faded, the tiny lump on my cheek had scabed and I picked it off, and the mole on my leg has faded. There is no scar.! Have I got the root of these out aswell? I do not know.

Melanoma success

Hi Dr henry. These following E-mail is from a 65 year old gentleman that was sent home to get his arrairs in order as he did not have much time left. I started him on dr henrys protocol and on his own he went to a naturalpath for some additional protocols that included mistletoe, Vit. C IV and another for a while. He did not toke the protocol with the Vit C but waited several hours before going back on dr henrys products. These reports are after 7 months. On the protocols he has lost 50 lbs, now walks 5 km per day, exercises at a gym 3 days for up to 2 hrs. Goes to work three days a week and claims life is great.
PS: My Naturopath had me retest my blood using a German procedure "Circulating Tumor Cells" (laser scanning-microfluorimetry of the epithelial cell antigen); I ship the blood there. The results read "over a period of 6 months we can see stable cell numbers at a low cell level". GOOD NEWS.

March 26/2013 appointment with oncologist. I told him everything was similar to 2, 4 and 6 months ago: no change and I feel fine, have no pain, no energy problems etc. He said since the Feb 12/2013 consult, the clinical trials have changed and are not ready yet; if I wanted to do anything now the standard/traditional chemo treatment for melanoma (used for last 50+ years with serious side effects) was available. I said since I feel good I don’t want to do chemo, to which he said his recommendation would be not do any treatments right now as well. He said we should meet again in 2 months when they would know a lot more about the clinical trials for drugs which have shown 50% improvement over previous trials and have very low toxicity. I said then we should also look at more images at that time and do blood work to see what has changed. He agreed and would schedule a scan (neck to pelvis) and blood work for that time. He examined the 2 areas where my tumors were previously felt – in the right arm pit and left chest/arm pit. He said he could not feel any increase in size in the larger one in the right arm pit, although another Dr. said it had growth between last Oct and Dec/2012. However, he could not find/feel the one in the left chest/arm pit area; and yet 2 other Drs. said it was shown on the fall/2012 scans and the one Dr. said he felt it on Dec/12.

Colon mestatasized

Hi dr henry, this is my first writing. I am 34 with a young family loving husband. I was diagnosed with 4th stage colon metastasized 2 days before christmas. this year. wow... what a surprise... we have been using your products and protocol to help native tribes in middle east for over ten years so we were familiar with the benefits but when the cancer comes to your front door it is definitely a surprise. So we began with your protocol directly since my lungs and liver has been affected im breathing the fume three times a day. i am also doing the enemas each evening. i am trying to add all the protocols as i am able. I was given a few months to live and no cure. as soon as i took your products i started feeling better. I opted against taking chemo and radiation although they did operate and take out my female organs. which i wish i had not done but cant look back. my one problem is with losing too much weight. if you have a suggestion for weight gain aside from sugar (which feeds cancer) let me know! I am alive and kicking and would like any encouragment from anyone out there that has survived what i am going thru. thanks Bless you all with all your health issues as dr henrys products are our my daily miracle... so far so good will keep you posted...

Lung cancer

Dr henrys products are an amazing find in positive health with so many additives being added to foods nowadays we live in worrying times and in a world filled with disease
I decided to try his products initially as a way of killing pathogens that were present in my throat I had been dogged with pain and was finding it difficult to swallow I was not prepared however for the speed at which this would occur I took only the first protocol initially and within seconds of swallowing it could actually feel it working at the back of my gullet My sore throat vanished within seconds and i was totally left thunderstruck at how well i felt
A few weeks later we were dealt devasting news about a family member She was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told it was terminal and had only months left to live. I mentioned to her about how my experience with these products had cured the pathogens in my throat and she asked me to get her some
We started her off with the first protocol hourly gradually increasing her gradually.
She continued to do this protocol for the ongoing weeks till her next scan at the oncology department which she went for in the middle of December. Expecting to be told the worst the oncologist was surprised to inform her that not only had it shrunk by 3 cm but the area that was damaged was healing
Flabbergasted at this news she continues to take the products daily and is making a speddy recovery dr henrys product is wonderful and i can only speak highly of it There have never been any adverse side affects since beginning it and i continue to keep in good health with it as does my family member
She looks and feels amazing and is convinced that dr henrys product has been a major factor in keeping her body alkaline enough to remain healthy Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the knowledge and insight into this products The whole planet needs to be taking this and i sincerely hope this occurs
Thank you for your wonderful cure

Ovarian cancer

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in november/2011, the oncologist said that I needed to be operated as soon as posible because the cancer was very advanced (stage 3). The surgery took place in december 15/2011, I had ascites (presence of fluid in the peritoneal cavity) and pleural effussion, because of that I couldn`t breathe and I was conneted to a breathing machine.
I was in and out of the hospital several times but my health did not improve at all, I couldn`t breathe, I couldn`t eat, I couldn`t sleep, I couldn`t walk, I couldn`t talk and I was losing weight so dramatically, I was deteriorating so quickly before the eyes of my entire family that did not know what else they could do for me and of course they were already expecting the worse, the doctors said, I had only 3 months to live.
The last time I went out the hospital was in february 13/2012, the doctors sent me home with a prescription of 8 medicaments including morphine, my weight was already 35 kilos and I was so weak that I couldn`t hold myself even for one second. Some day my sister came home with the products from dr henry and she said that it was a miracle products , that we should try everything possible to save my life and she said please take it, my first reaction was a denial because I was in the middle of a weakness so terrible that I thought I would not be able to withstand the possible side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea of which she had told me and I began to cry; my family kept insisting that it was our last chance and That I must try it. I finally summoned up the courage and faith that I needed and I started to take the products to my surprise I did`n have any of the side effects, therefore I felt I should continue take it even more determined , I must confess that I started to feel the benefits of the product from day number one because not only it did not produce any adverse reaction but I started to feel an incredible appetite, after the first day I was already asking for food, since then everything has been a wonderful process, the following week I was taking my first steps, then I got rid of the oxigen tank.
When I felt my body was renewed every day more and more I said to myself : now, I must get rid of these medicaments because I did not longer have any pain and I wanted to dedicate to take this wonderful supplement that I felt brought so many benefits to my life. I started gaining weight and 20 days later I went out and wanted to do things by myself.
Nowadays my life is back to normal, I have my normal weight which is 57 kilos, my last appointment with the oncologist was in november 20/2012 and all my test came out perfectly normal.
All those that saw me totally consumed by the disease are surprised when they see me and they say : that I am a living miracle !!! I should clarify that my treatment with dr henrys products was complement by a cycle of 6 chemotherapies, but as the doctor said I don't need more.
I am very grateful to God for this wonderful miracle and allowing me to get back to life, he is the one who puts these resources in our way to be used with great discipline and great faith.
I hope that this testimony will be helpful to many people around the world suffering from these terrible diseases that scourge mankind.
Thank you very much dr henry for this wonderful gift you have given to humankind!!!!
kind regards,

Prostate cancer


Lung tumor, bladder cancer and foot fungus.

Originally diagnosed with a lung tumor a couple of centimeters in size. I was in Colorado at the time:2007.

Doctor was pretty sure it was cancerous, after valuating my history of smoking for 50 years, 7 members of my immediate family died from cancer. I opted out of the biopsy,and he warned me that I wouldn't last 3 months!

I went to Fla to visit my daughter for the "last" time!
I've been taking Dr henrys products for several years.
No cancer!

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer three years ago. Doubled up on his protocol for 6 weeks. Now, no more bladder cancer!

I don't get vaccinated, yet I haven't had a cold, flu, ear ache, of virus in 5 years! It has also eradicated my foot fungus!

I owe my life to his products. Take it daily with no side effects.

I will be 74 November 16. Born in 1938. Smoked for 51 years and quit 10 years ago.

Haven't had a drink of alcohol in 22 years!

Most sincerely,

Breast cancer

Delwyn was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 26. It quickly spread to her bones, hips, spine and lung. Her liver was in bad shape also.

Four weeks ago she was confined to bed, had to urinate in a glass bottle, and weighed only 45 kg.

On October 3rd 2012 was a black day for the family. She had not eaten for 3 days and her Doctor met with the family and said they needed to make a decision as to whether to pull the feed tubes out of her or not. She had 2 – 3 week to live. In emergency hospital, the family had arranged her funeral and cemetery plot

She started on the products from dr henry and 10 days later the cancer markers continued to increase but her strength and energy started to return. She was walking and even drove a short distance around the paddock at her parents Park.

It is now November 1st 2012 and her cancer markers are on the way down, falling even 40 points in the past week and still falling (Measuring her CA.15-3 scores). She is driving better than she was 6 months ago, She has no pain, is able to dress herself, her kidneys and liver are in better condition. Is now sleeping and walking better than 4 months ago.

Her Doctor saw her last week and simply could not believe how well she looked. She has no pain and has reduced all of her medications.
Delwyn and her family acknowledge God’s leading and provision of her treatment and the timing of it all at deaths door. Yes it is early days but she is 6 months ahead of where she was just 4-5 weeks ago.

Delwyn has a good diet of vegetable juices, berries and raw foods which help enormously in keeping her body alkaline as well as nourishing her cells to re-build stronger and healthier**. There is no doubt that the products from dr henry in this case has been foundational in cleansing the body of pathogens, mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria that have been so prolific and allowing the cancer to grow and spread.
** She practices the 8 natural health laws: Nutrient, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God Helen (Delwyn's Mum) Victoria

Initially she could not keep anything down, just kept throwing up, juice the drops everything for about 3 days. When she got nausea she would eat a dry biscuit or banana

She has been having fever baths every 2 days raising her temp to 38 deg (bath 41 deg) with half a cup of Bicarb of soda That is basically it. She is now off all medications and doing very well

The diarrhea and vomiting are good signs that the body is simply eliminating what it does not need

Pancreatic cancer

December 6, 2011, my brother-in-law, in his fifties, was strickern with pancreatic cancer. He was taken taken to a hospital where the doctores found a mass the size of a grapefruit, and they told him he would not make it to Christmas. During those days, he los 22 pounds and was put on a liquid diet. My wife [her twin brother, by the way] and I told the doctors we wanted to take him home for Christmas, full knowing we would not return him to the hospital, for I knew dr henrys products would work miracles--and it did. I started my brother-in-law on high protocol per day and by March, his mass had shrunk to the size of a walnut! The surgeon still calls his family doctor asking whatever happened to that man! Five years later, my brother-in-law takes dr henrys products daily and has not symptoms. Dr henrys products have been the catalyst for health! Bless us all! I continue to inform people about the health benefits of his products.

Breast cancer

My name is Katherine, today is a special day for me, I've been suffering from cancer 3 years, it all started COUN left breast cancer, I did my surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy was given as well. at 6 months oncme tencancer says in the mediastinum, neck and right axilla. so again I give chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which did not help. three months to tell me that I still have bad cells, this time I said that I only can give a paleativa chemo and that I live only about three years.
I know from the start I miss all the doctors wrong, but I will not go into this topic.
so began my search with the help of my mother, with a firm that wanted to live convicion .. so I get dr henrys products to my life, I have been taking his products, a little over six weeks, and today I take a pet me, the nurse whom I have known for so long going to the hospital told me that do not appear to malignant cells in the ganglia of the neck or armpit, I have even in the mediastinum, but on a scale of 1 to 10 is a good news 4.This and intuitive as my body has experienced, inflammation, plurito, redness, and blemishes.
I'M HEALING, thank God, Dr Henry, go ahead, I still have some way to go, but GOD ACCOMPANYING ME

Skin cancer

I thought you would like to know that I have cured myself of uterine and ovarian cancer with Dr Henrys products. One year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma (Skin Cancer spread to my lymph hodes). I had an ultrasound in June of this year. My Dr. said I had a tumor on my right ovary and my uterus showed signs of cancer/precancer. My Dr. said I would have to have a hysterectomy. We decided to repeat the ultrasound in 1 month and do a biopsy and schedule the surgery after the results of the second ultrasound. Dr Henrys treatment was unpleasant. Every time I took a dose I felt ill. I had diarhea and nausea and vomitting. I also experienced excruciating pain in my right side (the affected ovary). I stuck with it dropping down a few drops then ramping back up until I reached 15 drops a day 2 times a day. I also found I would get less nauseus if I ate a half hour before taking his products. I just got the results of the repeat ultrasound. The ovarian tumor is gone completely and my uterus is normal and healthy, my Dr. said he doesn't know why but I no longer need surgery or a biopsy. Everthing is normal and healthy!

anonymous patient ( scared of the FDA)

Prostate Cancer and eyes stroke

I am 72 years old. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Nov 2011 and my doctor said that my prostate had a PSA reading of 5.89 and was over 80% infected with cancer and he suggested that I have it removed or I would not live more than 5 years. Well believing in my doctor I agreed to have it removed and they did remove it in Jan of 2012. I had been scheduled to have a PSA reading done every 3 months to see if my cancer was gone and it wasn't so they scheduled me for 37 treatments of radiation, which was completed in July of 2012. From that point on my PSA readings, which were low but not gone, were doubling every 3 months until I learned about Dr Henrys products in Jan. 2014. My son ordered it and I started on his protocol and when I had my April PSA reading my cancer had reversed for the first time in two years and now is gone. My reading have always been pretty low but not the 0.00 reading I should have had being I don't have a prostate. Well I have documented reading which prove that the products from Dr Henry did in fact reverse my cancer and got rid of it. I also was using Vitamine B17 between my April reading and June reading to find out if it also worked and it did and my cancer keep going down. I suffered with a mini-stroke that affected my right eye making me cross eyed to over 18 degree off center. I could see out of the eye OK but not both at the same time. I went to an eye doctor and had some medical test done. My eye doctor said that I might possibly have to have an operation on the eye but wanted me to wait and see if it got better on it's own. If no changes were seen by 6 months then the operation would have to be scheduled. Well I knew that Dr Henrys products worked for my cancer so I thought that it might work as well for my stroke also. I followed Dr Henrys recommendation and sprayed over the eyes area two to three times a day. I told my eye doctor what I did and I notice improvement after the 3 days and my eye site returned to normal within 10 days. My eye doctor couldn't believe of my rapid recovery and wanted to know what actually it was that I did so I told her about Dr henrys products and how I used it to recover. Neither doctor would admit that this use of dr henry products would really work. But the records of recovery speak for themselves.

Signed Gerald

Ovarian cancer

I'm very pleased to say that having started my regime of using Dr Henry’s protocol for to treat my stage 3 ovarian cancer, I am now practically in the clear. My visit to my doctor tomorrow will hopefully determine that I can start on the maintenance program. Update: Have been taking the protocol for to treat cancer. It's been wonderful. Recently my blood tests revealed that my tumour markers were now in the normal range so I went onto a maintenance dose. On Wednesday I went to my GP for results of a CT scan that was taken on Monday. This showed that although the cancer is gone, I do still have a sizable cyst on my right ovary. Thanks Dr Henry Millette


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