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Loose weight naturally without side effect and without yoyo effect.


Product description:


Everybody want to enjoy eating good food, want to eat more rice or dough, eat oily food, eat sweet, but No one want to become fatty lady/man? They are trying several different ways.

You will not be disappointed again. The efficient innovative for safety weight loss and get or see real results without any side effects. This Miracle Food Supplements which contains 100% natural blend of beneficial Asian herbs and enzymes cause the fat to burn as energy. It gives you a slender shape and easy to eat, not get back with the YoYo (YOYO effect).

Vitazyme miracle enzymes & Asian herbs formula for weight loss "pretty slim shape, shiny & beauty skin, not shabby looking".
What Vitazyme is doing for you:
• Weight reduction.
• Speed up the body metabolism. Remove excess fat.
• Change in fat mass to muscle, look tighten or firm shape, not sagging skin.
• Reduce cellulite fat which normal accumulated around the thigh, abdomen, arms, legs, face and chin.
• Create energy for use during the day (eat less, burn more).
• Add fiber to satisfy the appetite of a reduced appetite.
• Biodegradable waste and toxins in the body quickly.
• Radiant shine skin, not sagging skin found.
• Proper Excretory system. Weight reduction as needed and not make another yo-yo (YOYO effect).
• Reduce the problem of constipation.
• Help sleep normally, does not tired, not shabby and constipation affect.
• Decrease the Corel Cholesterol in the blood.
• Help reduce high blood pressure.
• Reduces the level of glucose in the blood.
• Solve problems, pain, body pain, shoulder stiffness due to impaired blood flow.
• No harm, no side effects like headache, nausea, sedation did not shake my heart, and safety.

Differentiation from other weight loss products.
- The enzymes as a catalyst for the metabolism of fat. The proportion decreased rapidly.
- Prevent and inhibit the absorption of fat in the body and also fat metabolism along with.
- Reduce Weight evenly.
- Reduce appetite, Reduced Hungry for longer.
- Thoroughly clean the digestive tract.
- No side effects, no diarrhea, no constipation, no more deposit fat back.
- Restore wellness. The body refreshed.

Important Essences

Tang chao mushroom (Cordyceps),
repair kidney, immunity and life force to relieve fatigue, allergies, asthma, chronic cough, dissolve phlegm symptoms of erectile dysfunction is the waist to knee cartilage is slow and tonic for convalescence patients.

Rice protein extracted through fermentation.
Strike a balance of natural anti-oxidants in the body.
Enhanced oxygen to cells and muscles.
Increase energy was refreshing and muscle strength.

Kaempferia parviflora Extract,
help balance testosterone hormone in the control of male prostate, Solution hernia.
Used as a tonic elixir rejuvenate. And therapeutic impotence to be drenched in sexual. sexual enhancement.

Centella asiatica extract, the known antioxidants.
Reduce the rate of deterioration of cells and stimulate the production of collagen, wounded healing, astringent and help reduce inflammation.

Indian Gooseberry extract, the known Anti-oxidants.
Protection from decay.
Delay premature aging and skin more radiant white light.

GLUCOMANNAN (Amorphophallus campanulatus) Extract,
Mechanism to reduce the storage of fat, and increased use of body fat for energy. Muscle can burn fat effectively.

Garcinia extract,
Garcinia is a plant that has a sour taste. the important substance name is Hydroxy Citric Acid, or what we call quick as HCA in high doses resulted in the inhibition of the enzyme ATP citratelyase
The benefits of Garcinia extract.
1. Has resulted in the inhibition process to convert glucose into fat and bring the old fat to use. This is beneficial to those who want to control weight.
2. HCA substance is effective in increasing the performance of the enzyme Carnitine Acyltransferase which has resulted in the degradation of fat accumulation.
3. Qualify as a mild laxative.

Moringa Extract,
Reduce cholesterol, reduce body fat which using In ancient people who are obese problem, Reduce the amount of fat in the liver and kidneys.

Lysine, & Methionine amino acid,
Helping synthesized new proteins that your body needs. Enhances glycogen accumulation and reducing fat. Breakdown of glucose when the body lack to provide energy to the body.

Helping maintain tissues and cells Body from deteriorating. Have great effect on the skin, Resistant to wilt or shabby skin. and anti-premature wrinkles from happening.

Recommended Dosage:
- Body weight up to 70kg (154 lbs)
Take 1 capsule 2 hours before lunch and dinner.
- Body weight above 70kg (154 lbs) to 90 kg (198 lbs)
Take 2 capsules at a time.
- Body weight more than 90 kg (198 lbs)
Take 3 capsules at a time.

Drink 12 oz of water per dosage.
If dry mouth condition exists drink more water

Packing: 60 capsules/bottle
Vitazyme has been approved by many Asian Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

• You can feel the body heat or felling thirsty because the metabolic syndrome. Should Drink plenty of water to assist in the mechanism of this supplement which will benefit the digestive system too.
• When eating within the first 2-3 days may have dry mouth or thirsty. Drinking more water to compensate. These symptoms will disappear.
• In order to reduce excess body, the reduction will starting from the abdomen, forearm, limbs, haunch respectively.

Caution: Children and pregnant women should not eat.

Good for: those people who hard to lose weight, easy weight gain, or excess weight after giving birth. Including those who can’t lose weight by diet and exercise or long term taking obesity drugs.

The question of whether WHAT BRAND IS THE BEST? How it works than.
The question of what product is popular in the market.
You need to take medication to be effective and get good performance with you, Or you just want to take the (hit) popular product you heard now? Taking a hit, it does not mean that you will lose it all if it were not for us.

The question of How many kilogram I will lose?
Difficult to answer. It depends if you still eat & eat & eat fried, overnight eating, late night sleeping or eating living properly or exercising etc... Each person has different factors at the beginning.

The product is burning your bad fat and turn it to energy. If your body metabolism is in balance, you will not go up in weight even if you continue to eat sweets, sugar or food with bad fat. Instead you will still lose weight but more slowly. Indeed you can enjoy your life with good food without to be afraid to go up in weight with Vitazyme.

We can give you an example there a man lost 22 kg in 14 weeks without to run one meter and still he drank at the same time around 2 liters of beers every day.

Another example is when a woman lost 9 kg in one month without to exercise but did eat properly.

We can in general say that you will lose weight around 1,5 kg per week without any exercise. That after to have taken for at least 3 months of Vitazyme. The main with Vitazyme is that you don’t need to get this yoyo effect because the product with their enzymes is balancing your body’s metabolism at the same time. However we recommend you to take a maintenance protocol (3 time per week instead of every day according to your new weight) during 6 months for to be very sure your body’s metabolism is under control.

Cordyceps sinensis powder 50 mg
Fermented Rice Protein 50 mg
Bee Pollen 50 mg
Glucomann (Amorphophallus campanulatus) Extract 80 mg
Boesembergia rotunda Extract 40 mg
Centella asiatiz Extract 40 mg
Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) Extract 46 mg
Garnicia Cambogia Extract 50 mg
Moringa Oleifera Extract 30 mg
L-Lysine 15 mg
DL-Methionone 10 mg
Selenium 1 mg
Capsule No 0 98 mg
- Titanium dioxide 1.88 mg
- Hypromellose 96.12 mg

Total 600 mg


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